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The sad story behind this Harry Potter character's creation (UK) (blog)
For JK Rowling, all the Harry Potter characters she created in that magical world must have a unique back story when it comes to their development, origin and growth as a character. But one which is particularly poignant for JK Rowling is Professor Sprout.
Is Harry Potter writer JK Rowling about to reveal if she based Professor Sprout on Forest of Dean artist?Gloucestershire Live
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JK Rowling reveals heartbreaking story behind this beloved Harry Potter character
It's the phenomenon which catapulted JK Rowling to worldwide fame, and while everyone can relate to one or more characters in Harry Potter, the beloved author has explained why Professor Pomona Sprout is particularly poignant to her. In a new BBC ...

Green Bay Press Gazette

'Harry Potter' star supports Steven Avery
Green Bay Press Gazette
Just when you thought the list of people weighing in on "Making a Murderer" couldn't get stranger, along comes Professor Pomona Sprout. Sprout, a "Harry Potter" character who in real life is 74-year-old British actress Miriam Margoyles, plans to lead ...
This 'Harry Potter' Star Supports Steven Avery & She's Not Afraid To Say ItBustle

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The Leaky

Teacher Appreciation Week: Hufflepuff House
The Leaky
Pomona Sprout, who not only personifies the traits of a Hufflepuff, but also has this personal connection to J.K. Rowling, may just well be one of the most undervalued of all the Hogwarts Professors. Badgers, raise a trowel to your Head of House ...

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"Harry Potter's" Professors Sprout and Flitwick Had a Long-Term Relationship
Because the world is celebrating TWENTY years since the release of the first Harry Potter book, publishing house Bloomsbury has released limited edition 20th anniversary copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, or as American muggles call it ...
Professor Flitwick And Professor Sprout Were Totally In Love, According To A New Edition Of Harry PotterBustle
The Potter Family - PottermorePottermore
JK Rowling - The SunThe Sun -The Daily Dot
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JK Rowling reveals heartbreaking moment behind creation of Harry Potter character Professor Sprout
The image of Pomona Sprout, played by Miriam Margolyes in the films, now features in an exhibition at the British Library. Rowling's mother, Anne, passed away aged 45 never knowing of her daughter's books or world-wide acclaim after losing a ten year ...

BBC News

How Harry Potter might look with a black cast
BBC News
Twitter users have been imagining how Hogwarts might look if it included more black characters. #BlackHogwarts started trending worldwide when users shared their interpretation of JK Rowling's magical school with a more diverse cast. Across the eight ...
Harry Potter Movies Get the #BlackHogwarts Treatment on TwitterMoviefone

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Deutsche Welle

Harry Potter: Wie aus der Idee vom Zauberlehrling ein Bestseller wurde
Deutsche Welle
Da ist zum Beispiel die Zeichnung von Professor Pomona Sprout, einer kleinen, rundlichen Hexe, die in Hogwarts Kräuterkunde unterrichtet. Oder das Porträt des Fast Kopflosen Nick, des gutgelaunten Hausgeistes der Gryffindors. Und natürlich erste ...


The official Harry Potter universe was fooled by fake news about wizarding
It also claimed that professors Pomona Sprout and Filius Flitwick had had a relationship and broken up, but remained friends. Someone tweeted a screenshot of Rowling's supposed tweets at the verified Rowling in February last year, and she responded it ...

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Belfast Telegraph

People of NI world's most generous, says Harry Potter star Miriam
Belfast Telegraph
Cameras followed the 76-year-old star, who played Professor Pomona Sprout in the hugely successful wizard movies, as she went on a road trip through middle America talking to a huge range of people. One of her interviewees was a man who came to the ...

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